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OMFS Checklist#

This form includes a comprehensive Pre-Treatment, Pre-Anesthesia and Recovery checklist to be used for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

OMFS Clinical Notes#

This clinical document includes patient relevant medical history. 

Fields include:

  • Surgical reports, including procedure performed and diagnosis
  • Operative Notes, including┬ácomplications, recover and discharge
  • Clinical Notes allows comprehensive documentation of procedure. Categories include biopsy, cosmetic, extraction, fracture, implants, incision and drainage, orthognathic, TMJ, and wisdom teeth
  • Oral mucosal and soft tissue documentation which includes appearance, cosmetic, occlusion, oral habits, oral pathology, pain data and TMD

This template automatically populates clinical and patient information and date.

OMFS Pre-Treatment Checklist#

This comprehensive checklist provides guidance for ensuring of important details prior to OMFS treatment.