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Adjustment Details#

What adjustments were made in the last week?

View the details of financial adjustments including the adjustment code, group, amount, date, insurance, patient and provider, for today, the last 7 days, the last month, this year and for all time.

Appointment Reminder Calls#

What is the status of patients with upcoming appointments?

View appointments 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day in advance.

The report includes the appointment time, type, status, clinic and provider, as well as the patient name and phone number.

Authorization Log#

Who has logged in and out of the system?

View the name, time and action.


Who's certifications are expiring within the next 3 months?

View a summary of PAES, Dental or Hygiene students, or BLS certifications expiring.

Check In / Check Out#

Which patients have arrived for their appointment?

View which patients have checked in, and which have checked out.

Daily Income#

What was the total posted income of the clinic today?

View the details of the daily financial income of the clinic including payment amount and location, payment date, payor, patient and recipient names.

Daily Production#

What is the total daily production of the clinic?

View the production of a specific provider or by clinic.

Insurance Payments#

What insurance payments have been received?

View the payment details including date, amount, insurance company name, address, and type, as well as other insurance details.

Missing Appointments#

What procedures were charged but are not associated with an appointment?

View the procedure codes and description for patients who have not had an appointment within the last 6 months.

Overdue Patients#

Which patients are overdue for their recall appointments?

View patient information who have not had an appointment in 6 months and 12 months.

Patient Access Log#

Which patients have logged onto the system?

View the patient name, event time and type.

Patient Balance#

What balances are outstanding in the clinic?

View the aged balance of patients with details of primary clinic, balance amount and patient phone number.

Patient List#

What are the details of all the active patients in this clinic?

View alphabetical list of patients, with gender, birth date, status and phone number.

Patient Payments#

Who entered the payment for this payment yesterday?

View the payment amount, date, posting date, patient, payor, and name of the individual who entered the payment.

Payment Details#

How did this patient pay?

View the payment and posting date, payor name, batch and insurance details, payment type and location for all payments.

Provider List#

Who are the providers in this clinic?

View the name, licence, NPI and specialty of every provider.


Who has been referred into the clinic and who have we referred out?

View the date and referral types, including details on the patient and provider.

Revenue Report#

How much revenue was generated today? This week? This month? This year?

The report will show the revenue amount as well as posting date, provider name and the treatment code.

Screening Report#

Which patients have been screened?

View the date, name of patient and provider for screening assessment.

Transfer Report#

Who has applied transfers to accounts in the last month? What was the treatment date and who was the treatment provider?

View all transfers from and to insurance in the last month. Details includes amount, transfer codes and payer information, entering provider name, treatment date and provider name.

Weekly Production#

What is the total production for the clinic in the last week?

View the production of a specific provider or by clinic for the last week.

Work in Progress#

What treatment has been started but not completed?

View the treatment date, code with description, clinic, patient and provider information for all procedures that with an "in progress" status.