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In conjunction with the leadership provided by the Collaboration for Health IT, the team at ICE provides structured content within the system to support the development of standards within healthcare as well as to make ICE easy and efficient to use. The system uses structured content both for data INPUT and OUTPUT.

We have created a library of templates, which is organized into two main categories:

  • Document Templates:
    • Templates supporting clinical input, such as health history forms, progress notes, letters and lab reports
  • Report Templates:
    • Templates accessing information from the system to generate meaningful charts, summaries, and detailed reports, such as financial statistics and accreditation requirements

The document templates are used to create comprehensive forms, letters, grades, and assessments to streamline workflow and require only minimal clicks. The purpose of the document templates is to support the development of standards within healthcare, save time for users and, where appropriate enable templates to also serve as clinical checklists. All of these are customizable to the needs of the client. Further, the “structured” format of the content allows responses to be used to instantly generate insightful results in ICE Reporting.

The report templates can generate valuable information on all aspects of the clinic, providers, patients, finances, treatments, documents and more! This information can be beneficial at an individual level for progress evaluation, a clinical level for audit information, at an institutional level for business management and internationally for treatment outcome trends and public health research. Report template search criteria, output information and the results view can be customized to suit the needs of the clinic.

In addition to these two template categories, the Sharing Center is organized by role for ease of access to the most relevant and appropriate templates for a specific position, interest, and responsibility.